Supporting Developers

I use a browser plugin on all of my machines (3 laptops, 2 desktops) called Group Speed Dial by Fast Addons. A gentleman by the name of Juraj Mäsiar is the sole, full-time developer there, like a one-man band. I’ve been using this extension for about 2 years and couldn’t be happier.

Recently one of my laptops began to throw an error when I would open my Group Speed Dial page. I tried a number of things to alleviate the issue but to no avail. So I copy/pasted the error message into an email and sent it off. I’ve submitted error logs and diagnostic data to quite a few projects over the years, this ain’t my first rodeo, and one maaaaybe two times have I actually heard back… a week later… from some rando who may or may not be on the project and it was usually just to say they got it or are looking into it or give me some troubleshooting steps to try (all of which I’ve probably already tried). BUT this guy emailed me back about 5 hours later, thanked me for sending in the bug report and asked for more detailed info (one or two things I hadn’t even thought of yet). THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! And I’m only using the free version BTW. So I bought him a cup of coffee;

Developers work really hard and are stressed out a lot of the time so please be kind to them and support the work they do.